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Power engines of 2STD type are constructed as opponent alternatives to engines of STD type which were engineered in 1966. These power engines are constructed using TU 3381-007-75508650-12 with advanced vibration endurance and power efficiency compared to existing analogies.

The aim of their construction is the invention of the electric engine which is up-to-date in terms of modern engineering and production conditions and State All-Union standard52776-2007, power efficiency with improved exploitation characteristics. While power engines 2STD production all client’s demands, estimated through more than 10years of other electric engines construction, are taken into account.

Necessary improvements have been made to the construction, modern materials and technologies have been used. The possibility of the maximum unification of the whole electric engine itself in terms of its’ outline size and its’ exact units and details, which can be useful during exploitation period (rotor, sator, box bearing pressure breakdown labyrinth, brush gear unit) takes place due to large quantity exploited electric engines of STD type and the necessity of provision of reserve force.


1. Amortisseur set-up allows the reduction of electromagnetic transmission (100 Hz) which contains the vibration from stator to the setting and ball bearing. This fact contributes to decrease the level of mean square value of vibration speed up to 2,3 mm/sec. Tis construction is secured with a patent. (№ 163678 от 12.24.2015).
2. The setting has more rigorous construction which allows to decrease the probability of its’ misalignment while assembling and improve vibration endurance of the electric engine in general.
3. Bearing pressure breakdown labyrinth have a modernized structure with a floating ring that minimizes the possibility of oil waste from bearing boxes. The construction of bearing pressure breakdown labyrinths is secured with a patent (№ 147581 от 06.03.2014).
4. Stator:
– in accordance with State All-Union standard R 52776-2007  a number of heat resistance reclaim units for wrap temperature and iron stator’s control is from 6 to 9 units , which allows the possiblity of more accurate measurement of the maximum of acceptable temperature and timely switching up the safety chain of electric engines in case of overheating and meanwhile increasing the electric machine’s reliability and exploitation duration;
– the most modern system of  stator’s isolation was used according to the Global VPI technology (vacuum pressure isolation dipping), which allows giving a guarantee of stator’s wrapping during up to 5 years with a declared resource with 35 years;

– the scheme of end turn bundle was elaborated, which contributes to the more tough binding of stator’s wrap bus arrangement and that way it increases the hardiness to starting loads;
– an active stator’s  iron is constructed using laser cutting technology with electrotechnical  steel, the surface of which is covered in oxide in advance , and it allows to reach higher accuracy of sinking and decrease the quantity of steel losses. Sheet’s cutting is made with computer technologies, which contributes to the decent saving of electrotechnical steel.
– the construction of stator’s mandrel is improved, it contributed to the reduction of heating and losses by 20%. The construction is secured with a patent (№ 163486 от 19.04.2016).

5. Bruch gear unit:
– it has an increased toughness and is more vibration-resistant due to attachment to the setting ground, it decreases the runout carbon brush and increases the vibration resistance of the machine in general;
– extra blowing of brush gear was used; it decreases the collector’s ring heating and as a result eliminates its runout;
– brush cross-bean’s encasement has a construction which contributes to the safety during touching current-conducting units and defends from diffusion of brush dust;
– the new construction is ergonomical and provides the more commodious maintenance and assembling:
a) accessway to brush gear unit is achieved by an easy cover removal;
b) brush cross-bean has an overhead position, which allows to maintain (brush replacement of brush holders) without external encasement removal.
6. End shield units:
– have a hard welded construction, which provides for the circulatory oiling under pressure and crankcase oiling. On machines with the capability up to 1600 kW the system of crankcase oil cooling with air , which is delivered from the engine’s ventilation system, is used. This system is secured with a patent (№ 165004 from 24.12.2015).
– if a client desires, it  is possible to set up ball bearing that is constructed with a centrifugal casting or to adjust ball bearing with fluoroplastic coverage;
– thermal converter  of oil temperature control is settled in the construction , which allows to integrate them into the electric machine’s safety chain for controlling surpassing an acceptable oil temperature;
– setting for vibration indicators are provisioned.

7. Terminal box of a cross functional construction , which allows to implement a wire installation from any of the sides of an unit to one of four positions.

An electric engine is complied with digital device of stator’s temperature control (wrap, iron), ball bearing (oil, insertion), air (warm or cold), which entirely automatizes the control system. If a client desires electric engines are complied with systems of analogue or digital types.