About us



An organization was founded, having a modern approach to the service, maintenance and assessment of massive electrical machines.



Synchronous electric motor of 2STD type was developed
and was characterized by improved indicators of energy efficiency
and vibration endurance compared to analogous machines.


production chain

A secluded production chain was released for electrical engines manufacturing in accordance with the most advanced technologies.

Business function

The main business function of the company - engineering and production of high-speed electric motors and generators with capability under 16 MWt, electrical machines maintenance, which includes routine and capital repairs, electrical machines reconstruction in imports phase-out or discontinued units replacement programs; modernization, assessment, installation and startup of electrical machines; spare units production.


Company's crew consists of experienced workers, whose average working experience in electrical engineering exceeds15 years.

Quality management system (QMS)

Quality management system is certified in accordance with State All-Union standard ISO 9001–2011 (ISO 9001:2008). The factory has all necessary certificates and licenses.

Currently the company is one of the leaders among electrical-repair factories basing on its dynamics of development and modern technologies usage.

Our clients have become convinced in the high quality of manufactured machines and prompt services provision. The secluded production chain provides us with the capability of offering the best price and the optimal time period of electrical equipment repairing works and its delivery terms.