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APPROPRIATION: asynchronous ATDM machines are designed for waterpump, compressor, supercharger and other fast-steaming mechanisms gearing that work in enclosed settings out of fire hazardous zones in mild climate.

APPLICATION RANGE: energetics, oil mining, oil-processing, mineral resource , machine-building and metallurgic industries and other.

Surrounding air temperature has to be from +1°С up to + 40°С. The temperature of cooling water, which flows into an air cooler, should be not more than +30°С for machines with secluded ventilation chain. The environment should be non-explosive. Tolerable level of dust in the air is no more than 2 mg/cubic meter.
– for an open ventilation chain type – IP22;
– for a secluded ventilation chain type – IP44.

Engines with secluded ventilation chain type have a cooling method – IC 8A1W7. Air cooling in machines is implemented with two sections of embedded watery air coolers. Cooling air circulation in the machine is realized with interior ventilators that are attached to the both sides of rotor’s drums.

Engines with a secluded ventilation chain type have a cooling method – IC 0A1.
Construction implementation and assemblage type is IM7211.

1) Low level of vibration and high vibration resistance of an engine in general that are achieved due to construction features:
- -    all the assembly units are located on the general tough setting of an engine, which allows to reduce the possibility of misalignment on the setting during an assemblage and improve a vibration resistance of an engine in general;
- an important feature of the engine’s construction is a damping unit. It allows to decrease the transmission of vibration of frequency 100 Mhz from a mandle to setting and respectively to bearing boxes, which allows to reduce the level of mean square value of vibration speed and avoid demolition of welded seams. The construction is secured with a patent.

2) An efficiency factor has been increased by 0,1-0,25% due to the decrease in iron losses and heating.

3) Stator’s mandrel is engineered in a way that in between the electrotechnical steel sheets in laminated mandrel there are no short circuits in a slotted area and, consequently, there are no  electricity-conducting lineaments. It allowed to decrease the heating and iron losses by 20%. The construction is secured by a patent (№ 163486 from 19.04.2016).

4) Bearing pressure breakdown labyrinth has a modernized structure with a floating ring that minimizes the possibility of oil waste from bearing boxes. The construction is secured with a patent (№ 147581 от 06.03.2014).

5) Terminal box allows to implement a wire installation from any of the sides of an unit to one of four positions.

6) Bearing boxes have a pressure circulatory oiling system as well as crankcase (ring) oiling system. On machines with the capability up to 1600 kW the system of crankcase oil cooling with air , which is delivered from the engine’s ventilation system, is used. This system is secured with a patent (№ 165004 from 24.12.2015).

7) Machines can be constructed in accordance to outline sizes.

8)  Three years guarantee and an expanded 5-year guarantee on stator’s wrap isolation are provided, this is achieved because o the most modern technology of stator’s wrap production with high vacuum isolation soaking Global-VPI (Monolith 2).