Diagnostic test

One of the company’s types of work is diagnostic test and assessment of native and foreign devices’ correlation with specification documents demands. On the firm’s base a mobile unit was established in order to implement diagnostic tests on technical condition of electrical equipment. The unit consists of non destructive testing laboratory and an electrical laboratory. In department of diagnostic tests, control and checkout the specialists are educated and certified in methods of non destructive testing and control, the department is equipped with modern devices and diagnosis methods.


1.  Grounding devices resistance measurement;
2.  Measuring a share resistance of the ground near the grounding device;
3.  Testing the connection between the grounding devices grounding elements and the existence of the chain between grounding setups;
4.  Measuring the isolation resistance of electrical equipment;
5.  Testing the “zero-phase” in electrical setups;
6.  Checking out the safety shutdown device;
7.  Primary test of automatic switch;
8.  Testing the device of potential functions aligning in electronic setups;
9.  Testing the time of automatic shutdown of engine in electronic setups;
10.  Testing safety devices used in electrical setups;
11.  Testing the isolation degree by the risen pressure of direct current power cable lines of 35 kWT;
12.  Testing the isolation of electrical equipment with risen pressure of manufacturing side;
13.  Measurement of tangent of dielectric leakage and high tension equipment’s isolation capacitance angles;
14.  Electrical testing and measurement of power transformers characteristics;
15.  Electrical testing and measurement of metering transformer characteristics;
16.  Electrical testing and measurement of commuted current electric engines characteristics;
17.  Electrical testing of condensed oil.


1.  Visual and metrical control;
2.  Vibration diagnostic;
3.  Eddy-current control;
4.  Acoustical control.
Laboratory of non destructive control attestation areas: units of boiler supervision equipment, gas provision (gas allocation) systems, metallurgical, petroleum and gas industries’ equipment, fire hazardous and dangerous chemical industries’ equipment.
5. Filamentous control;
6. Hypersonic control;
7. Thermal-imaging control.