Laser cutting

In October 2013 a machine for high-precision metal laser cutting STIEFELMAYER Effective model S(Germany) was launched.


- fiber laser (RofinSinar) (its capability is 2kW, it is power efficient,  no-maintenance  and can work up to 100 000 hours);
- moving mechanism is constructed on the base of in-lone motors (Siemens) (no friction, runout and endfloats);
- machine’s settlement is made of heavy granitic, glazed base, and it contributes to its firmness and precision;
- laser unit moving mechanism is built of  carbonic materials, which contributes to its lightness and  persistence privation, immediate start and shutdown;
- automatic pullout table (it contributes to the machine’s ergonomics and  high speed of work);
- sheet pneumatic gripping for maintaining the speed of motion, sheet positioning accuracy while cutting).

Currently it is one of the fastest lazer machines in the world. Its agility, absence of lag effect  and a hard foundation allow the high accuracy,burr absence, maintenance of the existing metal cover around the cut , which is highly important during cutting details out of thin metals that demand high accuracy.

Working table – 1250 x 1250 mm.
Material (Metal) maximum thickness is up to 4 mm, accuracy is measured with IT7 scale.
Minimal connection strap is 0,15 mm and it allows cutting rotor’s and stator’s iron of electrical machines at the same time.
Minimal semidiameter – 0,05 mm.
Cutting speed is up to 20 mm/sec.
Working area consists of 99,99999% nitrogen. 

According to the main characteristics this machine has 2-10 times better parameters compared to the ones on the market.


It is an alternative to formed devices machine and car construction and the production of vehicle components, device construction, production of medical equipment and other.

There are some examples of our machine’s usage: stator’s andrator’s electric engine’s iron, magnet transformers, poles, busline ,volume printed planes for vehicle’s canopies, medical filters, illuminator’s frameworks, electrical engine’s details, advertisement products and others.

High power efficiency and machine’s technical advances with the highest quality of the product enables not only high standards of cost-effectiveness for their own necessities, but provide the product with minimal price to exterior customers. In these circumstances the absence of flash allows to avoid extra work on mechanic processing.