• maintaining the leading position in the market of electrical repairing and maintenance works of large-sized electrical machines;


  • creation of reserve (temporary) stock of electrical equipment for the key customers, which is provided during the reparation and warranty period;


  • repairing equipment list expansion;


  • electrical equipment organization and preparations;


  • market diversification, new segments entry with the purpose of risk minimization;


  • expansion of manufactured series of electrical engines of types 2STD, WAOM (including the one of vertical performance), ATDM;


  • manufacturing and startup of serial production of synchronous salient-pole(1500 rpm) and turbo-generators(3000 rpm)in 1-8MWt capability range;


  • elaboration of indiscrete turbine-generators with 2,5-16 MWt capability range of 3000 rpm;


  • production and supply of wide range of spare parts for all types of electrical machines including imported ones.