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Flameproof electric engines of WAOM type is designed to be used as a transmission of various devices, which is applied in exploitation locations in that due to the production technology there is a possibility of fire hazardous gases, fumes and dust.


The aim of it’s engineering is the production of an electric machine which suits the demands of modern construction and design conditions and new Russian standards of explosion safety.


Longstanding experience in flameproof electric equipment reparation and permanent examination of customer’s requirements allowed to work out the construction and the technology of assembly units of a new electric engine in detail and provide a safe exploitation process of electric machine’s of WAOM type during all the mechanical life period.

Guarantees of fulfillment of safety demands and exploitation reliability and accessibility are:

  • high standard of elaboration using modern facilities of automized designing;
  • flexible and effective system of production preparation on every phase;
  • an advanced modern testing facility and proper accredited testing facility;
  • applied up-to-date materials and complementary parts;
  • onward technological processes: accuracy and purity of mechanical handling; special oleodynamic testing using flame-proof elements’ pressure.

1. A general vibration is decreased due to tough framework’s construction, resilient suspension arrangement plunger in a framework’s stator is provided;


2. A dynamic equilibration of rotor and exterior air-cooling, which allows decreased level of vibration, noise and exploitation period prolongation;
– pressure breakdown labyrinths have a modernized construction with a floating  fluoroplastic ring that minimizes the possibility of bearing box’s oil running.


3. Stator:
– in accordance with State All-Union standard R 52776-2007 a number of heat resistance reclaim units for wrap temperature and iron stator’s control is from 6 to 9 units , which allows the possibility of more accurate measurement of the maximum of acceptable temperature and timely switching up the safety chain of electric engines in case of overheating and meanwhile increasing the electric machine’s reliability and exploitation duration;
– the most modern system of  stator’s isolation was used according to the Global VPI technology (vacuum pressure isolation dipping), which allows giving a guarantee of stator’s wrapping during up to 5 years with a declared resource with 30 years;
– an up-to-date end turns knitting were elaborated that allows a more tough binding of stator’s bus arrangement wrap and meanwhile increasing its hardiness to start up loads;
– the construction of stator’s mandrel is improved, it contributed to the reduction of heating and losses by 20%. The construction is secured with a patent (№ 162622 from 24.12.2015);

– an active stator’s  iron is constructed using laser cutting technology with electrotechnical  steel, the surface of which is covered in oxide in advance , and it allows to reach higher accuracy of sinking and decrease the quantity of steel losses. Sheet’s cutting is made with computer technologies, which contributes to the decent saving of electrotechnical steel.

4. Bearing boxes units:
– have a hard welded construction, which provides for the circulatory oiling under pressure and crankcase oiling. On machines with the capability up to 1600 kW the system of crankcase oil cooling with air , which is delivered from the engine’s ventilation system, is used. This system is secured with a patent (№ 165004 from 24.12.2015);
– if a client desires, it  is possible to set up ball bearing that is constructed with a centrifugal casting or to adjust ball bearing with fluoroplastic coverage;
– thermal converter  of oil temperature control is settled in the construction , which allows to integrate them into the electric machine’s safety chain for controlling surpassing an acceptable oil temperature;
– settings for vibration indicators are provisioned.

5. The terminal box allows to implement a wire installation from any of the sides of an unit using 360o turning.  An efficiency factor has been increased by 0,1-0,25% depending on the capability due to the decrease in iron losses, modernized ventilation system.
The machine can be produced in accordance to outline sizes.